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Alerting All Small Businesses to Opt-In & Information for Purchasing Certificates

All Small Non-Essential Businesses wishing to Opt- In to the BOOST gift certificate program, Please call or e-mail to let me know.  I will need all your contact information when you opt in.  You have until 5pm on Saturday the 18th to opt in.  I will be in the office on Saturday, the 18th, from 10 am to 5pm.  Once I have a list of all the businesses opted in, I will produce a list of those businesses to advertise, by Chamber e-mail blast, Facebook (both town and chamber) and website (both town and chamber). 

All should be posted by Sunday the 19th and certificate sales will start on the 20th.   Each Business is limited to receiving
(60) sixty gift certificates. 
Once your quota is reached, we will take no further orders for your business.

I will mail checks to participating businesses on a weekly basis ($50 per certificate, along with certificate #'s and names of purchaser).  Beauticians/Nail techs, all will be sent to your salon address with each participant receiving their own check.
​ Each Household may purchase (4) four gift certificates,
          on a First Come, First Serve basis, as certificates are limited. 
       Sales will stop once the funds are depleted. 
 We want to give everyone a chance to support their local small business.

                          I will be in the office on Monday from 8am to 5pm for sales.  All sales will ONLY be taken by                          telephone (728-7000) or email to

                             (no facebook, website, messenger, instagram, etc.) 

​                           DO NOT TRY TO PURCHASE BEFORE APRIL 20TH. 
                            E-MAIL SALES WILL BE PROCESSED BY DATE AND TIME. 
                  IF PRIOR TO THE 20TH of April, YOUR REQUEST WILL BE DELETED.

The purchaser may pay for the certificates by Credit Card, check or cash.  If  paying by credit card, your information will be destroyed as soon as payment is processed 
You may pay by telephone when you order, by e-mail, regular mail or  you may leave an envelope with your order, all pertinent information and payment in the mail box just outside the Chamber office door.  (While I'm at the office) 
You may also send payment by regular mail.

  Once I receive payment, your certificates will be processed and mailed to you.
If payment is delayed, I can't guarantee your certificate purchase.

    Thank You and please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.