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Meet Pierre the Porcupine

Pierre the Porcupine will be traveling around to all our members (within reason) and taking pictures inside or outside the business. 

Your job is to check out our Facebook Page and see if you can identify where Pierre is today. We will be posting each hint for the day at 4:30 pm along with the answer from the day before.

You don't win anything and its not a's just FUN!


Why did we select a porcupine and the name Pierre? Well, glad you asked. 

According to verbal and written definitions*, the name "Madawaska" means "Land or Country of the porcupine".

We selected a French name for our little friend (Alliteration) and named him "Pierre".

* For those who want to argue the point, here are our sources...

​The word "Madawaska" comes from the Mi'kmaq words madawas (porcupine) and kak (place). Thus, the Madawaska is "the country of the porcupine". Wikipedia

​​The porcupines allude to the Maliseet name of Madawaska County, meaning “land of porcupines.” Edmundston (City of)

​"The very name Madawaska is from the Maliseet's Algonquin language: "madawes"—porcupine, "kak"—place, or Land of the Porcupine.

​In Maine, "Madawaska" was said to have come from the Maliseet name Madaweskek, which means "porcupine place."

The word “Madawaska” itself, is of MICMAC origin. “Madoues” means porcupine and “kak”meaning place…thus, the land of the porcupine.

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