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Lajoie Funeral Home, Inc.:

When a death occurs, we understand how stressful it becomes for families with numerous facets in bringing a funeral together. We pledge to provide a superior and unprecedented level of service to those families who entrust us with the care of their loved one.  We will provide a safe, supportive, and comforting environment to gather and to grieve.  It is our commitment to exceed the expectations of the people and families we serve. We believe that personalizing funerals is important.  Funerals are to celebrate and reflect your loved one’s life.   With that being said, our firm offers the industry's highest quality caskets that are manufactured.  Having a large selection to choose from, allows the family to select a casket for their loved one’s fitting tribute.  From simple caskets to the elaborate models in which the nation's Presidents and celebrities have been buried in, our families are comforted knowing their loved ones have the very best.  Or if cremation is your choice, this system will accommodate those requests with endless choices of cremation urns and other merchandise.

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